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Vaptech, Inc - Piscataway, NJ

Mode: In-class Training
Location: Piscataway, NJ
Mode: Training and Placements
H1B Sponsor: Yes
Free Accommodation: Yes
Internship: No
Technologies:, JAVA, .NET, Oracle and SAP practices and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing 
Relocation charges: Paid
Real time practical exposure: Yes

Vaptech, Inc is dedicated training and placements on, JAVA, .NET, Oracle and SAP practices and specialize Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing for vertical segments including information technology, finance and accounting, human resources, engineering, pharmaceutical, health care, and scientific.

We are looking to hire experienced consultants on our W2. 

Why us?

We work together with you to help you achieve your dreams.
Ø Excellent track record of H1-B and Green Card approvals
Ø Opportunity to work with our clients globally 
Ø Exceptional sales team who can place you immediately thus reducing the bench period
Ø Excellent salary plus benefits and competitive percentage based per hour rates
Ø Opportunity to work with our direct clients and preferred vendors
Ø Outstanding billing rates with minimum of $70,000 per annum
Ø Preference given to consultants with location constraints

What makes us different than your current employer?

Ø Salaries paid on time.
Ø Excellent salaries with bonuses
Ø Industry standard percentage basis.
Ø We apply for H1 and GC as soon as you join us
Ø Subsidized health insurance for you and your family
Ø Excellent bonus on salaries
Ø Relocation benefits covered
Ø On project help
Ø Refund on certification programs
Ø Cross training facilities in cutting edge technologies
Ø Ability to chose your own location for projects

Vaptech Inc
15 Corporate Place South
Suite #201
Piscataway, NJ-08854

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